web development and marketing

Serving Up Smart Design

Cutting out the clutter and focusing on the message. Cross-platform compatibility. Retina-ready graphics. All of this = Smart design.

web development and marketing

A Better Web

Should a website evoke feelings? Should it work on a smartphone? Can it actually increase the bottom line?

web development and marketing

First Impressions

How do first impressions affect customer behavior? Can your digital presence make or break a sale?

web development and marketing

Look to the future

What's the next big thing - how will people spend their time online 3 months from now? What about 3 years from now?

web development and marketing

Mobile is king

It's pretty much official - mobile and tablet surfing are set to overtake desktop within the decade.

web development and marketing

Ready to adapt

The best systems are those that are easy to upgrade and incorporate the newest tech into - that's solid design.

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Website Design

Web design is an intersection of graphic design, copywriting, HTML/CSS development, SEO, Photo/Video and more. It takes a variety of skills to create an attractive and effective website that's consistent with your brand - and that's exactly what we have to offer.

Excellent design goes hand in hand with excellent UI/UX. To be memorable, a website needs to have a great design and present relevant information in an easily navigable fashion. 949web can provide you with the top-notch design you need to get ahead of the competition.

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web development and marketing

Everyone likes cleaner beaches, and whenever there's a cleanup organized, 949Web is in.

web development and marketing

Checking out the latest in mobile, tablet and display technology

web development and marketing

Some very cool night scenery around OC in December

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